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Board Member Interest Form

We are looking for passionate and dedicated members to help contribute to the advancement of the organization and its mission.

Who is TRUE Change Inc.?

TRUE Change Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that equips marginalized populations with tools that enhance their character development, emotional intelligence, and career readiness.

TRUE Change is looking for general board members who can contribute their time and talent in the following areas:

  • Accounting

  • Athletics

  • Community Outreach

  • Counseling/Mental Health 

  • Event Planning

  • Finance/Banking

  • Fundraising

  • Higher Education

  • Legal

  • Lobbying/Politics

  • Secondary Education

  • Technology


What is the commitment and preferred qualifications?

  • Quarterly, virtual board meetings, approximately 1-2 hours

  • Willingness to reach out to personal and social media networks to promote organization events and initiatives

  • A donation or fundraising requirement that is significant to you

  • Five (5) years of professional work experience

  • Limited accessibility between monthly meetings for one-off questions/inquiries  

For any questions, email

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