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Treasurer Interest Form

Are you interested in mental health, financial literacy, career readiness, or personal development?

We are looking for passionate and dedicated members to help contribute to the advancement of the organization and its mission.

Who is TRUE Change Inc.?

TRUE Change Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that equips teens & young adults with financial literacy skills and emotional wellness tools to prepare them for real-world success.


Treasurer Overview

The role of the Treasurer is to assist the Executive Director with providing financial oversight for TRUE Change Inc. They will be both an Executive Board and General Board member, as well as a member of the Finance and Fund Development Committee. Responsibilities include:​

  • Work with Executive Director to complete Form 990, create an annual budget, and submit other financial reporting requirements

  • Review major expenses and expenditures

  • Monitor organization revenues and/or expenses, ongoing solvency, and upcoming financial commitments

  • Attend monthly Executive Committee meetings

  • Attend monthly General Board meetings

Finance and Fund Committee Overview

The role of the Finance and Fund Development Committee is to assist the Executive Director and Treasurer with the fiscal procedures, fundraising plans, and the annual budget for TRUE Change programs and events. The Finance and Fund Development Chair and the respective Committee members will assist the Executive Director and Treasurer with identifying corporate sponsorships and/or grants, in-kind donations (office space, printing services, professional services, etc.), and business exposure for the organization. Additional responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Meet with the Finance and Fund Development Committee once a quarter to discuss program goals/needs and delegate a plan of action to execute on the identified goals/needs

  • Work with the Committee to secure sponsorships for signature programs and events

  • Monitor and track company matching candidates

  • Evaluate Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) guidelines for target partners

  • Review annual budget and fundraising goals 

What does the commitment look like?

  • Monthly virtual Executive Board meetings, approximately 1 hour (every 1st Tuesday at 7:30pm ET)

  • Monthly virtual General Board meetings, approximately 1 hour (every 2nd Wednesday at 7:30pm ET)

  • Quarterly virtual Committee meetings

  • Willingness to reach out to personal and social media networks to promote organization events and initiatives

  • A donation that is significant to you

  • Limited accessibility between monthly meetings for one-off questions/inquiries  

TRUE Change Core Programs

  • Group Coaching | This curriculum-based approach takes a cohort of 6-12 participants, ages 15-19, through 12 group sessions where we discuss topics to help enhance their personal, emotional, financial, career development.

  • “Pull Up” Community Events | These events allow self-motivated teens to connect with young professionals in a casual and non-intimidating environment. Both young participants and parents will get a chance to learn about top-of-mind topics, develop networking skills, and build organic relationships in a low-risk environment.

  • Day in the Life | Participants will get a chance to have a one-on-one interview with a senior leader in the profession of their choice. Opportunities range from full-day shadowing to virtual coffee meetings and are created to give youth exposure and insight on how to reach their career goals.


TRUE Change Signature Workshops

  • Values To Vision | Students identify their core values, create a personal mission statement, and develop a planning process to support wise and deliberate decision-making.

  • Health & Wealth MAGIC | Students gain tools to help manage money, emotions, and relationships. M.A.G.I.C. stands for Mindfulness, Attitude, Gratitude, Inspiration, and Circle of Support.

  • 5 C’s of Connection | Establishing, building, and maintaining diverse and inclusive relationships are key to both individual and team success. During this workshop, we engage the audience to focus on enhancing tools to effectively connect with people of different cultures, races, genders, and life experiences.

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