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Executive Board

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Marvel Myrtile, Board Chair

Marvel Myrtile serves as the CEO of MediMatrix, a company specializing in software solutions for the mobile radiology sector, backed by private equity. His role involves shaping strategic visions, leading the management team, and working closely with the board. Marvel's background is rich with experiences as a private equity investor and investment banker before his current role.

Marvel defines leadership as the ability to inspire and motivate a team towards a common goal, with a personal emphasis on servant leadership, where he prioritizes the needs of his team above his own. This philosophy stems from his experiences with exemplary leaders during his career, who demonstrated profound selflessness. His main motivation is to see his team excel and reach their potential, an endeavor he commits to by fostering an environment of support and empowerment.

Marvel's approach to leadership and innovation is reflected in his advice to aspiring professionals, encouraging them to challenge their self-limiting beliefs and pursue ambitious goals, underscoring his belief in personal potential and resilience.

Marvel has a bachelor’s degree from Emory University and an MBA from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

TeCori Elder-Scott, Facilitator & Educational Impact Director

TeCori Elder-Scott has a passion for youth development that has fueled him both personally and professionally. After receiving a Bachelor’s degree from Emory University, he spent five years working at Junior Achievement (JA) of Georgia, where he focused on high school program implementation for the organization. This included managing and growing business and mentoring programs, working closely with corporate partners to provide access points for students, and planning and coordinating student experiences. He recently accepted a role with 3DE as Director of School Leadership. 
Having spent his time at JA empowering students to own their futures and create the lives they want to live, TeCori decided to step out and do the same. Today he is an entrepreneur and co-owner of a real estate investment company based in Atlanta, GA. Passionate about art and creative expression, he also spends time serving as a creative consultant and project manager for artists. 
Though his professional concentrations have shifted, his commitment to students has not. Growing up in inner-city Portland, Oregon, TeCori has experienced and seen first-hand how lack of resources, exposure, and community re-investment can stifle student potential and development. This is exactly why he continues to mentor young people and speak to student groups. 

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Zach Webber, Treasurer & Board Member

Zach is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), with 7 years of experience working in strategic business development and tax reporting roles. After graduating from Georgia College & State University with a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in accounting, he joined an Atlanta based advisory firm in 2017. In 2022, he joined his wife Liz full time to focus on her growing business. Having built a small business with his wife from the ground up, Zach is passionate about helping others find success through personal and professional development.  


Zach met Liz in their hometown of Cumming, GA, where they currently reside. In March of 2022, their daughter Emerson was born. Spending time with family is everything to them, so they enjoy hosting family dinners and traveling to visit their siblings across the country.

Kam Phillips, Founder & Executive Director 

Kam Phillips is a master facilitator who uses his experiences and professional training to create a simple framework that helps people enhance both their emotional and financial wellness. His authenticity, transparency, and relatability have allowed him to genuinely connect with his audience and become a respected resource in personal development.

Throughout his life journey, Kam personally battled with mental health challenges, veered on dangerous paths, and conquered many other obstacles that our youth experience. After being recruited to play collegiate basketball then excelling in the investment management industry with companies such as ETRADE Financial, AllianceBernstein, and JPMorgan Chase, Kam decided to walk away from his corporate career and use his gifts to invest in the next generation.

Kam is a proud native of metro Atlanta and lives in Fayetteville, NC with his wife, Sascha. He holds a Bachelor of Economics from Emory University, is a Certified Professional Coach, Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion in the Workplace Certified, and Certified in Youth Mental Health First Aid. He is also the author of The Bigger Picture: A Guide to Personal, Relational, & Emotional Growth and CEO of The Kam Phillips Group.

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