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Mental Health.

Career Success.

Financial Wellness.

TRUE Change Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that equips teens 
& young adults with emotional wellness tools and financial literacy skills to prepare them for real-world success.


Unemployment or reduced income emerged as a top financial concern among Gen Z, younger Millennials. (CFP Board)


79% of young Americans feel they would be less stressed about their financial situation if they were further educated on how to achieve financial wellness. (Laurel Road)

1 in 3

About 1 out of 3 Millennials & Gen Zs said they’ve taken time off work due to stress and anxiety caused by the pandemic. (Deloitte)

An Integrated Approach

Our program incorporates curriculum-based group coaching, "Pull Up" community gatherings, and structured mentorship to help contribute to the personal and professional growth of our participants. 

Through workshops that integrate foundational financial principles with Social-Emotional Learning Core Competencies, we facilitate personal growth to enhance college and/or career readiness. 

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Meet the Executive Board of True Change Inc. 

Their combined backgrounds at the intersection of finance, education, and career coaching help bring a comprehensive and diverse perspective to the organization. 

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Programs & Outreach

Group Coaching

This curriculum-based approach that takes a cohort of participants, ages 16-19, who are pursuing jobs in manufacturing, welding, HVACR, construction, automotive, or other skilled trade industries through group sessions where we discuss topics to help enhance their personal, emotional, financial, and career development. Participants also receive:

  • Partner Company Swag

  • Copy of The Bigger Picture: A Guide to Personal, Relational, & Emotional Growth

  • Access to LinkedIn, Resume, & Cover  Letter Modules

  • Team Building Activities

  • Community Service Opportunities

Pull Up Community Events

These events allow self-motivated teens to connect with young professionals in a casual and non-intimidating environment. Both young participants and parents will get a chance to learn about top-of-mind topics, develop networking skills, and build organic relationships in a low-risk environment.

Day In the Life

Participants will get a chance to have a one-on-one interview with a senior leader in the profession of their choice. Opportunities range from full-day shadowing to virtual coffee meetings and are created to give youth exposure and insight on how to reach their career goals.

Partnership Opportunities

As TRUE Change expands to more Career and Technical programs, we are looking to partner with local businesses interested in cultivating young talent and producing skilled-labor employees that will be more emotionally, financially, and socially competent.

Employer donation matching, donor-advised charitable giving opportunities, and individual donations are also welcomed and encouraged.

Please contact us directly for partnerships, sponsorships, or in-kind donations.

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